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How to get a free credit score

Having a 700 plus credit score can make you very proud. Why not? Lenders will have confidence in approving your loan and give the best perks a person with low credit score might not experience. It actually means you are a person who handles financial obligations very well. The emergence of the World Wide Web made it possible for individuals to delve their credit score online. However, the credit score calculators of different websites offering such service is not an accurate number. They are mere estimates coming from the answers you gave them on their queue of questions about your financial condition.

Some websites offer “free” credit score information but the truth behind is, they are just going to direct you to their credit monitoring products which will require you to pay fees. Consumers are given the privilege, actually, the right, to get their credit reports. So you will have the records about your borrowings and loan repayments. However, getting your actual score from that report is never free. Accurate credit score information is not a right which will be given for free. Even the FICO Score Estimator is just a mere estimate coming from your credit situations or your credit report. It only gives you a range of score that will give you an idea of your real credit score.

Aside from FICO Score Estimator, there are few credible websites which can give you free credit score or estimation. Remember that they only give you estimates and your actual credit score will still come from recognized major agencies sourcing from AnnualCreditReport.com.

1. Credit Sesame- You can have an access of your credit score from Experian with this site without using a credit card. Credit Sesame gives you the privilege to look into your debt situation and financial profile which are very important in knowing your credit worthiness. It has an analytical patent-pending tool which depicts how you can actually save money from mortgages, loans and credit cards. The tool also analyzes your personal credit condition with your mortgages and other loans. Credit Sesame monitors how you are doing when it comes to your debt finances.

2. Quizzle- This is the only website which gives both Equifax credit report and VantageScore credit score information every six months. They are proud to say that it’s only their website which gives both luxuries in one place. Here’s another bonus, same as Credit Sesame, Quizzle gives their service without a credit card requirement! They provide sorts of freebies like recommendations on home mortgages, credit and debt situations, and loans. They also give free update about your credit builders.

3. Credit.com- Like Quizzle, Credit.com uses VantageScore credit score to perform their service. However, they don’t use other credit score provider. The credit score they give is based on the TransUnion credit report you have. Credit.com analyzes your credit situation from the five pillars that make up a credit score. Credit.com does not provide complete report though.

4. Credit Karma- You will get your real credit score provided by TransUnion. It is based from the report issued by TransUnion itself. Credit Karma gives free credit tools and credit scores which you can use in understanding how important credit score is. They provide this service 100% free from credit card charges. They also issue a Credit Report Card so you may your credit situation and loan repayments history. Aside from these, they are also providing free monitoring of your credit. To date, scammers are of numbers. So every time there is a change in your credit report, Credit Karma emails you outright.

Always remember that monitoring your credit score is as important as saving money. Your credit score reflects not just your financial status but also your credibility as a person. Lenders take into consideration your credit score to ascertain if you manage your credit affairs properly. A low credit score discourages lenders from giving you good privileges. Even though the websites above gives only near-to-reality estimates of your credit scores, it is still important to at least check your credit score estimates. You need not to incur fees just to know if you are doing well or not. They give their service 100% free and without hassle.

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